Be Happy

20 things that will make you happy instantly :)
Can you see it? That glorious little circle of light at the end of the tunnel? We’re getting closer and closer!
Life has been challenging in recent times, however happier (more social times) are approaching. As life starts to return to some version of normal, we’ve been thinking about things we appreciate.
Here are some things you can do right now to get some of those good vibes flowing. Our advice on how to feel happy, now!
  1. Bubble bath - Rub a dub dub! Get in the tub. Bubbles, music, candles.
  2. Music - Get out your favourite playlist and sing your heart out at home. Dance and sing like nobody's watching!
  3. Warm, clean laundry - On cold days, when you get the warm laundry out of the dryer… snuggle into it, take in the clean smell and let the warmth soak into you.
  4. Fresh bed sheets - Not much is better than hopping into a clean, freshly made bed!
  5. Star gazing - Awe is one of the most powerful human emotions. Look up, watch and let your mind wander.
  6. Meditate - Meditate in whatever way suits you best. It doesn’t have to be legs crossed and chanting. Your own form of meditation might be reading a good book. Anything that takes you out of your own world and lets your busy mind pause.
  7. Laugh - It sounds obvious… but smiling will make you happy! Get online, look up comedy acts and get your giggle on.
  8. Animals - Animals are so pure at heart. Go cuddle some puppies! Go to a shelter, walk some dogs. Spend time with your own pets.
  9. Holidays - Sure… you can’t take them now. That doesn’t stop you from planning it! Get online and plan your next trip. Give yourself something to look forward to.
  10. Bucket list - Have you ever thought about the things you want to tick off in life? Get excited. Dream. Write that list.
  11. Books - Get reading. Nothing is better than a good book. Ask your network on social media what they’ve read that they love. Set time aside and transport yourself into another world.
  12. Smile - Simple… isn’t it. Go for a walk. Smile at people. Bet you’ll get some big beaming smiles back!
  13. Taco Tuesday - Why not? Let’s taco-bout it. Taco’s are the best! Make some happy food that gives you good ‘fillings’!
  14. Be a child - Jump on a trampoline. Giggle. Eat sugar and just ‘do what makes you happy’.
  15. Bake something - It’s satisfying and it smells soooooooo good.
  16. Mow the lawn - After you spend some time gardening, sit, relax and enjoy the smell of your freshly cut and beautiful lawn.
  17. Cuddle - Hugging releases oxytocin and dopamine (the happy hormone). Get bear hug happy!
  18. Sandy toes - Go to the beach and dig your bare toes into the sand. Let the water wash over your feet and just be.
  19. Random act of kindness - Do something kind, without expecting any thanks or recognition. Send a voucher to someone in need. Donate to a charity. Send anonymous flowers to someone who needs a pick-me-up.
  20. Gratitude journal - Get into the habit of writing something you are grateful for every day. It will improve your positivity, help you sleep better, reduce stress and improves physical and mental health.
Every day is a good day to be happy. Start now!
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